Paris… the most expensive dream



Wake me up before you go go“… At 06:13 we take the Thalys to Paris to have a nice long day while asking ourselves: ‘What to do in Paris?’ and ‘How to visit Paris in one day?’ And even more: ‘Is it posible to see Paris in one day?’ .

In the train we get a message that one of the guys where we would spend the night is sick so it would be better to look for something else.  We consider fast the options and what the heck… we’ll spend the night in the airport so no stress for getting there at time for the check-in.  The bags we deposit about 07:40 in the luggage deposit of Gare du Nord and fast we start our city trip.  First a nice expensive breakfast with a costly croissant, and priced pain au chocolate, very tasty overpriced coffee and an even more exorbitant priced hot chocolate.  After that we take the metro to the Arc de Triomphe and we start a day of walking at the open air museum, what Paris is.  Champs d’ Elisee, Place de la Concorde, Louvre, Notre Dame where we lunched a too high priced 1Cl soup and a unreasonable priced 1 leaf salad.  Quartier Latin, a walk along the Seine, Eiffel  Tower with its stunning views at the top floor (324m high), in Paris is one thing clear: not the sky but the Eiffel Tower is the limit!!!  And last but not least the Montmartre with its marvelous night views over the city of light.  Important and sad news for the bohemes under us…Place du Tertre left us forever.  It was overruled by the consumption society and these days it’s occupied with terraces where you can enjoy a famous Parisian mini coffee for 6€… no painters or cartoonists, no chansoniers or troubadours… no more artists what so ever.  Place du Tertre has left us forever but will stay in the hearts of those who experienced it.  Rest In Peace Place du Tertre.

As it was quite late already we started to take in count the time in order to be on time at the station to take the last train to the airport. We noticed that my watch has still the Canarian islands time (-1hours).  So suddenly we realized it was too late for the train to the airport.  So relax we thought, we do the night over in Paris and tomorrow we take the first train to the airport (04:50).   Not stressing out we have something to eat on the street with a view on Moulin Rouge and neighborhoods.  A feeling of being part of Paris is coming over us and it feels just wright.  As we want to take the metro back to Gare du Nord to start wrighting our blog, we were hit by the fact that the last metro is at 01:00!!! In Paris, the 2nd biggest city of Europe!!!   So walking back was our destiny and after a day of doing km’s it seemed impossible!  Every step started to be more painful, and with every movement we felt more exhausted as we barely slept the last days.  After asking several times the way we finally reach Gare du Nord…closed!!! So here we are at 04:45 in the middle of Paris without luggage, nowhere to go, tired, cold, soar feet and surrounded by the last people on the streets.  We can’t sleep on the street in this conditions…so we look fast for a the-less-stars-better-hotel which we find for 79€ just in front of Gare du Nord.  After 2 hours of sleep we wake up at 04:30, order two extravagant priced orange juices in a bar where waiters still are greeting with “Bon soir.” And entered running at exactly 05:00 the train station to get our luggage to catch still the first train to the airport.  But no bad luck comes alone:  luggage deposit has a 24hour storing but not a 24hour service and opens at 06:15!!! Merde!!!  So waiting in front of the door till 06:00, getting our bags out and took the first train possible to the airport…

It was like an everlasting beautiful day, a delightful romantic french experience… and also the most expensive dream ever.

2013-05-16 21.47.47 IMG-20130518-WA0012 2013-05-16 07.59.05

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