Folk…lucky coincidence!


Once escaped from our host and from other briefing we can discover the city.  Seattle with its 608.500 habitants is the biggest city of Washington state. The capital Olympia has just over 46.500 habitants and is just an administrative center of the state. So here is a bit more to do.  First we go to Pike Place Market open since 1907, a big 3 floor indoor market in the old town where you can find about everything you can dream of.

2013-05-26 12.45.38   Food: groceries, take away, trying out or even small restaurants with view over Elliot Bay.  Fish throwing is the typical thing you want to see here, as it is faster than walking to the table to clean the fish once you bought it, they pass the fish by throwing him from side to side.  Definitely something we never saw before…and a risky business knowing that a fish on the ground is a fish customers won’t buy!  We find art of all kind: glass, pottery, wood, metal…you name it they have it.  Musicians all over and each artist better than the one before.  Out of the market we pass the first, and for that the oldest (1912), Starbucks in the U.S. So for those who want: you have the opportunity to line up and wait 30min to try a bad coffee! 😉

2013-05-26 15.35.42 2013-05-26 15.41.47 2013-05-26 15.09.22 DSC01266

We walk along the seaside passing the Seattle Aquarium, towards the crapy Olympic Sculpture Park which has some beautiful views over West-Seattle.  This free open air “museum” offers not more than 5?!? masterpieces of “what the f*ck”-art.  But then again who are we to understand and criticize art.

DSC01279        DSC01280

But we do get the feeling that in in America everything you give a name is art.  Passing the park we arrive to the Space Needle, Icon of Seattle and center of cultural activities.  Movies, 3D IMAX, music, theatre, lacer shows at night, more art galleries, expositions,… very interesting and an offer for everybody.  We are even luckier!!!  We are able to assist the yearly free Northwest Folklive Festival just in front of Seattle Pacific Science center.  7000! and yes you have read wright, participants in less than one week and yet no pushing around or waiting lines.  Worldwide music over 4 stages connected by small street markets with street musicians in between.  Freaks of all ages, colors and beliefs making it impossible not to feel happy.

DSC01288 2013-05-26 20.33.05 DSC01296 2013-05-26 21.27.31

An overwhelming evening with beautiful view on the Space Needle by night…we loved it and felt truly part of it. Later on the night we end up in a bar, named Crocodile, where Kurt Cobain started getting famous and delighted the world with grunge.

2013-05-26 22.53.01

Late enough, 01:30 to be sure our host will be sleeping we go home and fall asleep with the raising question:  ”Why we came with the impression that America is sooo Gangster?”  Anyway…thank you all for not shooting us!!!  😀

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