Managua, home of ‘El Sandino’



Time to visit a friend, to see a familiar face and to change subject at conversations.  90 Cordoba and a friendly bus driver takes us on a comfortable ride to Managua, the capital of Nicaragua.


We take a taxi to association Luciernaga where Alberto, a friend of Zaragoza, is coordinator of the historical archive and takes care of the digitalization of all audio visual material.  As we arrive at midday he takes us to the local canteen and between the roasted pig and yucca he explains us a bit about Managua’s “to do´s” and its present situation.  He goes back to work and we leave our bags with him and start to visit the capital.  Regular cheap buses take you everywhere if you have a prepaid card or a friendly lady at your side that passes the card for you while you give her the money.  We visit the old cathedral de Santiago at the square: Plaza de la Revolution or its ruins left from the different seismic movements of which the worst: the 1968 earthquake.

DSC05812 DSC05816

We enter the city library at the same square for an exposition of art and one of history of dental care.

DSC05807  DSC05824 DSC05820

Managua is a quite city at this time of the day so we really enjoy a nice walk observing the lack of high buildings and the not existing typical capital city claustrophobic feeling.  This urb is big in size and with its 2,2 million habitants rather small in population so it produces the super village effect with a rural touch, something not often to experience.  In the evening we take the bus to Alberto’s house and now the metropolis proudly shows its true character: it’s rush hour.  Buses overcrowded, pedestrians walking at run speed and cars honking to each other without stopping provide the usual chaos we were expecting of a Latin capital.  Peace returns as we enter in Alberto’s house where we meet Camila, his daughter.

DSC05839 DSC05854 DSC05836

DSC05880 DSC05883

We get our own room wash up a bit and go for dinner in a nearby Honduras restaurant.  Different kind of delicious popusas is on the menu and while we get served we remember the time we met, Miguel, Tony and Wendy jump into our conversation and we have a fun telling travel stories.  After a good night rest we wake up, have some breakfast and prepare us for a day of walking along the new modern cathedral to el Sandino at the Tiscapa Hill from where we have a stunning view over the municipality and the crater lakes of Asososca, Nejapa, Tiscapa and Acahualinca, together with the impressive Xolotlán Lake.

DSC05861 DSC05876

DSC05874 DSC05864

Here we enter for free the old prison and get a guiding tour around the place and through the Sandino exposition.  We also get full explanations about Nicaragua’s politic past and present situation.  A proper history class in the dungeons is no doubt something new for us.  After walking back home we sit down in the sofa and get to see the three short movies Alberto produced.  We end the night with frijoles and eggs enjoying a lot the company, hospitality and the warm being-home feeling.  Thanks for everything and we see each other in Spain or Italy my friend.


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